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Colorado native, Jenny Lynne Salimi, has always had a flare for fashion and passion for innovation. Coupled with her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, the concept of the Brazzle was born.

“I could never find a solution to keep my bra straps from showing when I wore the typical thin-strapped tank top or dress. If you have a full chested figure, don’t even think about wearing a strapless bra as we all know it will end up around your waist. Also, relying on the support of a built-in-bra isn’t an option unless you’re actually going for the uni-boob effect. Not flattering!”

Now you can still wear your favorite spaghetti-strap dress or tank top AND a bra. A set of Brazzles will keep them in place and beautifully aligned.


$19.99 - $35.00

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In a world where we get wrapped up in the everyday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget to notice the little things. Jenny Lynne has been able to capture some of nature’s accidental hearts. It’s a constant reminder that love is everywhere!

Each picture in the book was found in an unexpected place. The hope is to inspire each reader to find their passion in nature!

Click the Brazzle for a chance to be our featured Brazzlista.

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