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Say farewell to the biggest fashion no-no…

peeping bra straps!


Have you ever bought the perfect dress or tank top and take it home to find you don’t have the right bra to wear with it? The issue is usually peeping bra straps.

If you’re blessed with a fuller chested figure, you know a strapless bra isn’t an option – it will just end up around your waist. A built-in bra isn’t an option either unless you’re going for the uniboob look.


A Brazzle is a small accessory that solves a big fashion problem. A set of Brazzles will align the straps of your bra and thin-strapped dress or tank top

It’s beyond simple to use! Simply align your bra strap with your thin-strapped outfit and completely twist one Brazzle around both straps. Repeat on the other side. Can be added to the front or back straps.

Choose your color for the occasion and make a statement or be subtle and match the color of your straps. Either way, get yourself aligned!


A Colorado native, Jenny Lynne Salimi, has always had a flare for fashion and passion for innovation. Coupled with her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, the concept of the Brazzle was born.

“I couldn’t find a solution to keep my bra straps from showing when I wore the typical thin-strapped tank top or dress. Strapless bras never worked for me and clothes with built-in bras are so unflattering and do nothing for support. So, then I just didn’t buy that cute tank top or pretty little dress knowing I had no way to hide or align my bra straps properly. That was UNTIL I had an ah-ha moment and created the Brazzles. I can wear whatever I want now!”

Don’t walk around being a huge fashion no-no. Get Brazzled!


Be on the lookout for Brazzles to be carried in your favorite local retailers and online!

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